Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why we need Enspire?
    In order to maintain your employee details like leaves, attendance, salary, travel and expenses, loans you need Enspire. Enspire will reduce your manual efforts and saves time.
  • What are the modules/features Enspire has?
    Enspire has all the essential modules required for HR. Below are the modules:
    • Organizational Management
    • Leave Management
    • Time Management
    • Personnel Administration
    • Payroll & Taxation
    • Trainings & Improvements
    • Performance Appraisals
    • Projects & Timesheets
    • Loans & Advantages
    • Travel & Expenses
    • Finance
    • Asset Management
    • Recruitment
  • Which package/module suits for us?
    Standard modules are common for any organization. Along with standard modules below is how you need to choose other packages.
    • If your employees are allocated for projects and if you want to track their log sheet you can choose Projects & Timesheets.
    • If your employees are holding company assets like laptop, system, mobile, hard disk, pen drives and etc., With Asset management module you can easily maintain all these stocks, allocation and their conditions.
    • Does your employees travels in local, domestic and international for office purpose? Choose Travel & Expenses package to reduce excel work and save time
    • Do you revise your employees performance offline? Now no hectic work with Enspire PMS package.
    • Enspire provides customization self appraisal templates and workflows.
    • Do you conduct training's to your team to improve their skills set and increase your company's strength? Enspire Training package is the right option for you.
  • For which sizes of company Enspire is compatible?
    Enspire architecture is built in such a way to handle all kind of organizations (Small, Medium, Large) with no compromise on performance during payroll processing even employee base is more than 10,000.
  • What kind of Enhancements we can expect?
    Enspire has it's own product roadmap with delivery schedule. Apart from this, based on market feedback received from customers like you will also be evaluated by our expert panel and includes it in road map if it is relevant to our global customer base.
  • Enspire suits for any country payroll?
    Yes. Enspire supports for any country. We can do payroll setup for a new country in 3-4 working days.
  • Enspire will support multi currency?
    Yes. Enspire supports multi currency.
  • Enspire can be integrated with other ERP solutions?
    Enspire is built using lightweight REST APIs and can be integrated with any third party ERP solutions .

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