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Organizational Management

As the backbone of your HR management system, this module enables you to effectively handle employee documents, health history, positions, org structure and more

Leave Management

This module provides a glimpse of the power of Enspire and handles employee requests for leave and vacation seamlessly by applying your company policies.

Time Management

Automate your timekeeping related processes. This feature-rich module efficiently organizes labor data‚ improves workforce management and helps you minimize attendance policy errors

Personnel Administration

Personal information management (PIM) is a basic function of any HR department. Provide flexibility to your employees to update their skills, previous experiences, personal information, dependency details etc.,

Payroll & Taxation

Enspire helps you to streamline your payroll process and manage it efficiently without any hurdles with customized payroll process, multi payroll periods and multi currency compatibility.

Loans & Advances

As a company you always think of employee benefits in terms of providing them loans and salary advances to fulfill their needs. With Enspire you can easily operate all these functions.

Projects & Timesheets

Track your employees time logs of every day for every project and increase the productivity by analyzing the reports and data.

Performance Appraisals

Simplifying the performance review process saves you time and increases employer and employee satisfaction. With Enspire configure your own template, work flows, grading system etc.,

Trainings & Improvements

Improvise your employees skill set, productivity by providing them training in specified areas. Enspire will help you to publish training calendar and will keep the learned skills as part of appraisal process.

Travel & Expenses

Track and streamline your employees travel details and expenses with flexibil policy configurations, workflows, multi-purpose reports and analytics.

Asset Management

With this module your IT/HR department can easily handle inventories, asset allocations to employees, asset conditions etc.,


Enspire provides JV preview before posting the entries into your ERP system for payroll, leave encashments, F&F, Loans etc.,


Enspire automates the onboarding process and saves your time, reduces the human errors and improves efficiency with flexible configurations and workflows

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