Projects & Timesheets

Manage Clients and Client Information:

Manage all client communications, timelines, and workflow with this module. 

Resource Allocation

Track the number of resources allocated in a particular project. This makes it easier to plan and deliver future projects. One can also get client-wise and project-wise insights. Managers can assign activities based on roles. 

Manage Roles of Employees on Project Basis

Track daily work status and progress of the employees on a particular project.  

Approve / Reject Timesheets

Automate, streamline, and manage your employees’ timesheet approval process in the most efficient way. The managers can approve or reject the timesheet duly submitted by the employee working on the current project.  


Employees have the flexibility to fill in their timesheets for multiple days in a single form. Now, track your employees’ time logs daily for every project and increase productivity by analyzing the reports and data. Keep an eye on the project done by employees efficiently with the help of Enspire HR Project and Timesheet software reporting on a daily or weekly.

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