Support Desk

Leap forward 

Give comfort and flexibility to your employees by raising their concerns and various requests via the support desk ticketing system.  

Custom Ticket Categories:

Create custom ticket categories that the user can fill at the time of ticket creation. This feature helps to have a better understanding of the issue and resolution of problems. For example: an employee can request for OT, punches missing, leave quota not added, shift change request etc. which will be automatically routed to the concerned department like HRD, Management, Finance, IT team etc. It also gives you an option to collect additional information from the employees to solve their issues.  

View Ticket Logs

The support desk tracks all the issues raised by the employee. These issues/tickets are assigned to the right person or group based on the category and sub-category. Easily track how many issues are raised for each category type on the basis of tickets generated, their due date, etc.  

Track Ticket Activities:

Any ticket raised against an issue, complaint or a request can be tracked effectively till the resolution is reached. 

Approval and Workflow Process

This feature can easily be routed, escalated, or closed with completely customizable and flexible rules. Ensure the ticket raised gets routed to the right person or group. An SLA driven escalation matrix can be defined in the system which enables a quicker processing of the ticket. 

User-Defined Fields

Create user-defined fields and rearrange your custom fields by dragging and dropping.  Create custom fields that are conditional and unique to your organization and solve tickets easily. With Enspire HR support desk, deploy the internal ticketing software, which provides detailed insights about tickets across your organization for all tickets received, resolved, assigned, unassigned, pending and overdue, together with responses and category sorting.  

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