Organizational Management

The Backbone of your HR

This module enables you to manage each and every important employee details systematically and handle personnel to professional details effectively. This module includes the following features:  

Define Organizational Hierarchies

Create and generate hierarchical organizational structure and accommodate any kind of complex business operational process. Create divisions, branches, departments, or any custom functional groups of an organization..

Security and Restrictions

With ensured encryption by our cloud-based platform, acquire top-notch security measures for all or specific employees’ critical and sensitive data.  

Define various shift patterns

Organize employee job information by defining job titles‚ pay grades‚ employment status and identification of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) job categories. 


Share regular updates on events, post newsletters and upload announcements within the organization. The HR can publish the company policy, which the employees can view and download using this feature at their ease. The HR will be also able to track the number of views and downloads.  

Capture Employee Database: 

Manage employee qualification information (education, professional licensing) to process promotions and salary increments with ease. Keep note of employee proficiencies such as skills and language. Track employment types and identify appropriate individual designation. Capture nationality and race demographics to fine-tune employee records. Manage other details like dependant details and their supporting documents. Store employees’ personal and company-related information like statutory details, important dates (Date of Joining, Date of Birth, Date of Exit etc.), previous employment details, etc., thereby assisting the HR department in getting a holistic outlook of the employees’ development. Collect, store and organize all your employee details in one place. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork.  Automate your workflows for a never-before experience. 

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